About Myself

Here some of my Achievements, Technical Proficiency, Workshops & Presentations are mentioned below

Technical Skills


Programming Languages:
C, C++, Java, Python, Shell Scripting, Interested in Android Development

Operating System familiar with:
Windows, Linux - All Debian Distros and Mac.

Software Knowledge:
Microsoft Office (Good at Excel), IntelliJ, PyCharm and all Jetbrains Products

Version Control:
GitHub GUI Version, GitHub ID: DevanandSB



1. Captured first place for Android Application Development in Imaginathon conducted by Park College, Coimbatore in November 2020.

2. Captured first place in Technical Quiz Competition conducted at MGR College, Hosur in September 2019.

3. Presented a paper on Perfect Online Privacy in Commune 2K19 an Intra Department Competition and captured the first place.

Workshops and Presentation

Workshops and Presentation

1. Attended a workshop on AI-for-India 1.0 an Guinness world record event conducted by GUVI | AICTC | IIT-M in April 2021

2. Attended a workshop on IoT & Robotics at Don Bosco, Yelagiri hills in August 2019.

3. Presented a paper on Cyber & Network Security at PMC Tech, Hosur in September 2019.

4. Presented a paper on Ethical Hacking at Loyola College, Chennai in December 2019.

Individual Project

Individual Project

I have created an Android application called "Educatie" pronounced as Educate. By this application students can know their timetable, syllabus and also students can take their notes in android application. If students got any doubts on subjects, they can ask their doubts via chat support module. This application is also available in Web Version and android application is optimized for Android TV. This project is in under development.

Feedback from Students

I'm an Udemy Instructor and I have launched two courses in udemy one is Linux and another one is Python.