About this project

This application is developed to provide the learning environment for the students who studied in the Department of Computer Science Shift - II in Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, This application provides Syllabus, Timetable and allows users to take notes. These notes are secured with Fingerprint Authentication. To Solve the doubts of the students virtually, I have added Chat support feature. By this feature staff can communicate with students through chat or meet virtually and solve the doubts of the students virtually. To avoid the multitasking of the students (Taking running notes and listening classes) we provide the mailing service to send the chat history to the students.

Features in Android


This application is encrypted with SHA1 and SHA256 Hashing Algorithm. So that users can't fear about the security in android. Sometimes, we can note some confidential things. No notes application provides security for their notes application but this application do this. The notes module is Completely Secured with Fingerprint Authentication of the user.

Theme System

This Application is using the System Theme. If the android mobile is in Light Mode, The Application UI is in Light Theme as well. If the android mobile is in Dark Mode, the application is also optimised for the Dark mode. This application is also optimised for the dark mode. This application uses SVG icons and illustration which can change dynamically.

Features in Web Application


This Application is hosted in Amazon Web Services. This website has the two SSL Certificates andd both the certificates are valid. One SSL is from Amazon Web Services and another SSL is a Self Signed SSL Certificate. If SSL certificate is available means the browser uses HTTPS protocol to transfer the data, which means the Application requests are completely encrypted. So that hackers or intruders can only access cipher text format.

Platform Independent

If I develop for the android, The users can't able to run this application on iOS or Desktop Computers etc. To solve this error, I have used web application. Using Web application, users can access in any of their devices.


Chat Support

This Application provides the Chat Support. So that students can ask their doubts with their staff members in anytime virtually.


This Application is also concentrated on security basis also so this application uses Fingerprint Authentication feature to access the notes module.

Open Source

Both the Android and Web Application is free and open source available on the GitHub. GitHub ID: DevanandSB